Poetic Revenge

No doubt about it Peggy hated her twelve year old stepson and wanted to get rid of him so bad she could taste it. As she lay back on the chaise lounge chair sitting on the raised patio of the home she shared with her stepson’s clueless dad. With her eyes closed the twenty-eight year old fem fatale appeared to be asleep, as she worked on her tan, while plotting how to manipulate her husband into sending his son away to live with his mother.

Immersed in her devious thoughts Peggy didn’t hear the soft footfalls of her approaching stepson. Nor even sensed his presence until something scratchy landed on her abdomen right next to the circle of her belly button. Startled out of her daydream Peggy opened her eyes then screamed bloody murder as she leaped upwards off of the chaise lounge when she spotted a tiny toad sitting on her stomach.

Brushing the harmless denizen of the nearby woods off of her bikini clad body Peggy then stomped the innocent amphibian flat as a pancake with her right foot as she yelled at the top of her voice, “I’m going to kill you – you little brat!”

Looking around she spotted the brown haired little boy standing at the edge of the nearby woods. “Just wait till your dad gets home!” She yelled at him but his only response was to lift up his right hand and flash his middle finger at her.

Enraged Peggy didn’t hesitate to jump off of the patio and took off after her stepson like a cat in pursuit of a mouse. Who turned around and fled into the woods running as fast as his legs would carry him from the enraged harriden. Stopping just long enough to stoop down and pick up a stick large and heavy enough to beat some sense into her stepson when she reached  the edge of  the woods. A moment later Peggy disappeared into the woods herself as she ran down the trail in hot pursuit after her stepson a few minutes before his father pulled up into the driveway.

About ten minutes later Peggy burst out of the woods to spot her stepson standing about waist deep within the lake that bordered their property. Raising her hand Peggy angrily shook the stick she’d picked up at her stepson and demanded that he come out of the water. Being no fool and knowing quite well the cruelty his dad’s wife was capable of inflicting; the lad shook his head no as he raised up both of his hands this time and flashed both of his middle fingers at his stepmother.

Thinking that now was as good a time as any to beat her stepson senseless then drown him like a rat afterwards. Peggy walked out onto a finger of mud about five feet wide extending ten feet away from the shoreline. Only to scream in terror as the ground gave way underneath the soles of her bare feet causing her to sink up to the orbs of the bubbles nestled inside the cups of her bikini top.

Looking down Peggy watched as the rising mud gobbled down her breasts in a single gulp then climbed up her neck and began nibbling at her chin. For his part her stepson stood there watching with a look of victory lighting up his face as he watched the rising mud climb up the sides of his stepmother’s head. Until, for just a moment, her face floated on top of the quivering surface then forever disappeared into her unmarked grave; leaving behind the stick she’d threatened him with as the only reminder of her existence.

News Flash: A local woman was discovered this evening by her husband upon his return home from work, having passed away from an apparent heart attack, as she lay on the chaise Lounge in her backyard…Stay tuned for more details when we come back at the top of the hour…

3 thoughts on “Poetic Revenge

    1. Thank you Ellen! Peggy is based on my first stepmother and her stepson is me. What isn’t revealed is how Peggy’s stepson managed to stop his stepmothers heart. I’ll give you a hint it wasn’t by tossing a toad onto her stomach.


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