The Rapid Decline of Femininity

In my Grandmother’s day cooking meant mixing corn meal, buttermilk and a little bit of baking powder togther and cooking it in a oven. Prepping fresh vegetables and making biscuits from scratch.

In my Mother’s day cooking required one to know how to boil water, pop the lid off of a can and open a box.

In my Wife’s day nuking a bag of frozen vegetables in a microwave and placing premade biscuits in a toaster oven is a declining skill.

In the curremt age of the goddess cooking means eating breakfast at micky d’s, grabbing a sandwich for lunch at subway and eating dinner at pizza hut.

Or if a man really wants to know what eating a home cooked meal used to be like he can always go to Cracker Barrel.

11 thoughts on “The Rapid Decline of Femininity

    1. I’ve heard of some fast food restaurants experimenting with automated systems to avoid paying the new 15 dollar minimum wage some places are requiring businesses to pay their employees. 😦


      1. Oh that’s really sad for the employees. Machines have taken over most industries, leaving employees unemployed. 😞


      1. One of the promises of second wave feminism was that when women went to work men wouldn’t have to work as hard resulting in more time to spend with their families. The reality was men’s wages fell and the two earner family drove up the prices of homes, cars and other commodities so that now it takes two incomes to be able to live the lifestyle a one income earner family could live in the past. Plus while the rules were changed to liberate women the rules stayed the same for men making them prisoners of women’s dreams.


      2. Plus the whole situation completely demasculated men, because they are not the providers anymore, so they feel completely insecure and replaceable. Once I said that to a colleague, and he said “Well, can you blame us?”

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