Ellen + Nan = Brighter

Light plus
Dark make a day
The sun
Rules the day at
Night the
Moon is our queen
Both are
Necessary – quite
There is a time to
Be serious
And lighthearted
They are complete
Ellen may
Make my day yet
Nan makes
My night – as one
They are
Friend’s together
My heart
Shines even all the

Inspired by:

Ellen The Gentle Storm   


Nandita A Tangle of Weeds

8 thoughts on “Ellen + Nan = Brighter

      1. The sun and moon were designed to compliment each other and work together. Without the sun there would be no light for the moon to reflect and the Earth would remain dark. As Poet’s and writer’s our personalities though very different yet compliment each other so that they seem to blend together as one yet remain separate though not alone.

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