Turn About Is Fair Play 

When the sun

Sets and darkness falls

The moon rises

Truth be told “easy girls” are  boy toys not relationship or marriage material to take home and meet mama. That said it is the height of hypocrisy for Pick Up Artists (PUA’s) to condemn women for sleeping around after spending years bedding women who fell for their seduction techniques. Much less to demand/expect a virgin (or even a woman who only had one or two premarital partners as opposed to the many notches on his bedpost) to want to marry them; no more than they themselves want to partner with someone else’s leftovers or raise another man’s offspring.

The Poet’s

Inner wolf comes out 

To play

Just as there are two sides to a coin there are two sides to the issue of rape one of which our society as yet to grapple with:

Just as women complain that men objectify them sexually women themselves objectify men as success objects. Intentionally judging men by their income and the car they drive along with their status in society and their willingness to spend money on them.

Much like strippers flock to those who throw money at them and high class prostitutes turn up their noses at the ordinary John on the streets as they pursue high rollers.

Seeking a not

So innocent lamb to pump

And Then dump 

Indeed an increasing number of men have given up on their dreams of marriage and raising a family. Due to the extremely high numbers of women who dispose of their intimate partners through the means of a divorce. Seek revenge or to otherwise punish individual men through the means of a false accusations of sexual harassment, assault and/or rape.

Even as she

Uses her body to gain access

To his wallet

Then use the family court system to rape their former intimate partners of their children, homes and money. As well as destroying their children’s biological father’s future prospects of happiness by blackening their reputation and reducing them to abject poverty. Even as these unfaithful women continue to play the field by inviting every Tom, Dick and Harry into their bed; all the while cucking the taxpayers, many of whom struggle themselves to pay their own bills, by relying on Uncle Sam as their surrogate husband.

Grants him a

Single night of pleasure for a lifetime

Of payments

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