My Own Personal Hell

Might I suggest that feminists/women take a peek outside of the bubble of the skewed reality they inhabit and investigate both sides of the issue of sexual harassment, assault and rape like I have over the last two decades.

Not only have I worked with a follow who arrived home one afternoon after work to find his apartment stripped bare and his wife and children gone – all without any warning what so ever.

Another coworker who is facing charges of assault after putting the guy in the hospital his (now ex) wife falsely accused of raping her upon deciding she wanted a divorce.

Another coworker who used to mock my views on women had to call the police and have his wife removed from their home when she physically assaulted him while drunk. She began abusing alcohol after the accidental death of her brother when the gun he was cleaning in his basement went off and the bullet ricocheted iinto the back of his head.

Several months later she was stopped, cited for DUI, carted off to jail and her car impounded. When she got out but couldn’t afford to retrieve her car from the impound she showed up on his doorstep with a pair of law enforcement officers who forced my coworker to hand over the keys to his truck – his only means of transportation.

My own father died from a STD (hepatitis C) infection deliberately given to him by his second wife who talked him into taking her back after his third wide divorced him.

My third stepmother falsely accused one of my brothers of molesting her son and talked my dad into having him committed into a mental ward only to be fully exonerated.

She then falsely accused my other brother of raping her underage daughter and threatened his career in the navy causing him to become depressed and consider committing suicide.

She even tried to cause trouble between my wife and I by falsely accusing me of wanting to sleep with her daughter because of the way I looked at her during one of our visits. 

My youngest brother was falsely accused of molesting his adopted son from his first marriage by a member of his ex wife’s family during a custody dispute. He was investigated and cleared and his ex wife became infuriated after she was forced to endure a similar investigation. Because after talking to his son the agent conducting the investigation not only cleared my brother but contacted the child welfare agency in the state his ex wife resided and reported their findings.

In order to end the custody dispute and to avoid being financially destroyed my brother was forced to give up his rights to both his adopted son and his biological daughter. After his daughter told him to his face that she would have no problem with falsely accusing him of hitting her when he’d never touched her.

About a year later I received a phone call from my mother informing me that he had committed suicide. We found out later that while distraught over being separated from his second wife. One of her coworkers called (along with all of the other spouses of her fellow employees) to inform him that his wife was having an affair. That pushed my brother over the edge and caused him to take a fatal overdose Thanksgiving evening.

10 thoughts on “My Own Personal Hell

      1. Oh that I can relate to! All wicked human beings are better off in hell, rather than making innocent people live in hell! Well, karma will deal with them..

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