I wish I Was An…

Oscar Myer Weiner…

Yesterday morning my wife and I along with our son headed over to our old stomping grounds. We used to live in Mableton Georgia which borders Fulton County to the west of Atlanta just down the street from Fulton Industrial Boulevard. Heading north west out of Atlanta Martin Luther King Drive ends at the Chattahoochee river and becomes Mableton Parkway as it crosses into Cobb County where we lived about a mile just up the street from the river. The road once again changes names after it crosses Highway 78 in downtown Mableton and heads on into Austell (the next town over) on its way to Marrietta Georgia.

Our Chiropractor is in Austell which is where we were headed and after getting adjusted we mosied back over to Mabletion to our favorite Mexican restaurant Pocos. Pocos is in the Public shopping center on the same side of the main road  as the Kroger shopping center with a side street lying between them. Many a time, before we moved away, we’d eat at Pocos then go grocery shopping at Publix; only to end up at Kroger to get what we needed that Publix didn’t have.

After dropping my wife off at the front door of the restaurant as my son and I got out of car he pointed over at Kroger’s and called my attention to this:

This brings memories back when I lived in Davenport Iowa when my dad attended Palmer College of Chiropractic and from time to time we’d ride by the Oscar Myer Processing Plant. While my wife ordered our lunch I walked across the street to take pictures just in case they weren’t there when we finished lunch. They wouldn’t allow anyone inside but we could take all the pictures we wanted and peek through the windows. The twenty-three year old young women with the group even gave me an iconic Oscar Myer Whistle. Whoo Hoo!

Afterwards I headed back over to Pacos just in time since right after I sat back down at the table our waiter brought this out:


This is our favorite meal of Vegeterian Fajitas consisting of onions, red and green peppers, broccoli, mushrooms and carrots. It used to have cauliflower but now they use carrots instead. It comes with a plate of beans topped with cheese, Mexican Rice and Salad. My wife had the sour cream, Advocado dip and Pico topping delivered on the side along with a small bowel of shredded Mexican Cheese. 

Boy was it ever delicious! 


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