Can You?

Can you hear the pain behind the anger
the despair within the rage of thunder,
or the cries of the broken heart
of the hurting child within the man you love?

Can you see or somehow sense
the weakness concealed within the strength,
a ray of light shining in the midst of darkness,
or the tender love overshadowed by hate?

Can you find the spark of life
swirling within the deepest depths of hell,
spot the tiny speck of a drowning man
upon the wavy vastness of the ocean blue?

Can you try to look a little deeper
perhaps to help heal what is hurt and broken
or like so many simple ones of this day and age
who in their conceit claim to be wise

Yet focus only on the thunder and the lightning
the storm of rage and hate
failing to see the love and the terrible pain
of the child within this man

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