MHRM = The Mirror Image of Feminism

The MHRM is increasingly becoming a mirror image of feminism by resembling the second and third waves of feminism as their leaders follow the same path as feminists.

Just as the feminists demanded the right to murder their unborn children in the womb, to avoid the consequences of their own poor choices and ill advised actions and rejected marriage and motherhood.

So too are today’s MHRA’s demanding the right to spread their seed far and wide without consequences through the means of a “Paper Abortion” or “Financial Abortion”, Rejecting fatherhood and marriage while reviling those men who don’t.

Indeed the MHRM should be called for what it has become Meminism which is feminism spelled with an M for what passes today as the Men’s Movement is simply the mirror image of Feminism.

It really isn’t so surprising that the average male MHRA doesn’t quite catch on to the harm he is being done by our society in order to benefit women. Especially when one considers that far too many of the leading lights of the MHRM still have their own blinders firmly in place in regards to the true nature of both men and women by indulging in the concept of “All Men Are Good” as opposed to the feminist claim that “All Men Are bad”.

When I pointed out to Mike Buchanan on his website that feminists had it wrong in regards to male on female violence because men overwhelmingly inflict their violent natures and impulses directly at their fellow males far more often then at women. He deleted my comment only to haughtily claim that he would not debate the issue when I refused to go away and confronted him in another comment.

With strident calls for men to have the right to be as irresponsible and immune to the consequences of their own poor choices and actions as women through “Paper and Financial Abortions”. As well as the outright rejection of both marriage and fatherhood while reviling the marriage institution; as opposed to taking on the “Divorce Industry and State Legislatures” in order to reform marriage and make it safe for those – both men and women – who chose to engage in it and raise their children.

One might as well remove the F from feminism and replace it with an M for the MHRM has of late come so close to resembling the second and third waves of feminism that it has quite literally become the mirror image of feminism leading to the rise of Meminism. Which ultimately will lead to ever increasing numbers of children experiencing fatherlessness and the absolute total destruction of the two parent family composed of a mother and a father. An institution, that once upon a time and not so all that long ago, men’s rights activists universally agreed was the best place to raise well adjusted children to become productive citizens.

Following in the footsteps of the feminists does not a counterculture or new Zeitgeist make. The reality is that our society is in the process of fragmenting along gender lines into two primary polar opposite cultures; both of which oppose the other in spite of the fact that they are mirror images of each other.

To fully grasp this concept all one has to do is compare what the leadership of each group considers its primary demands for their members such as:

The promoting and/or tolerance of sexually immorality…

The demand to be immune to the consequences of one’s own poor choices and actions….

On the one hand feminists demand the right to murder their children in the womb…

While on the other hand MHRA’s demand the right to abandon the children they carelessly procreate through unprotected sex…

Focusing on their own self centered desire, wants and needs neither the feminists nor MHRA’s are willing to seriously tackle the issues that affect both men and women in a positive and effective manor.

By engaging in the same tactics used by the feminists; the miss characterization of those who disagree with their views and dare to call them out, the deletion of the non offensive comments on their blogs of those with differing viewpoints and the outright banning of those who refuse to kow tow to them. Far too many of the leading lights of the MHRM such as Mike Buchanan and Paul Elem have forfeited the last shred of intellectual credibility and moral authority in regards to the many pressing issues faced by men all over the western world.

Under Paul Elem’s leadership AVfM has not only sought to turn the Men’s Movement onto the very same self destructive path taken by the feminists of the second and third waves. Nor do Paul Elem and Mike Buchanan seem to realize that the “Totalitarian” manner in which they treat those who dare to disagree with them reveals far more about the “Authoritarian” style of leadership they are seeking to impose upon the men’s movement. As they rush headlong down the very same path blazed by Humanism and Atheism throughout history that has always and without exception ended in the slaughter of millions of men, women and children and the self annihilation of far too many nations.

Making it impossible for me and anyone else as a Christian to ever again consider supporting AVfM and the likes of those within the MHRM hell bent on purging the rank and file of independent thinkers like myself; who dare to challenge the status quo and refuse to kow tow to the “Collective Thinking” that is rapidly overtaking the men’s movement.

7 thoughts on “MHRM = The Mirror Image of Feminism

    1. Yes it is! I’m not opposed to equality between the sexes so long as women are required to accept the accompanying responsibilities. However I grew up being physically, emotionally and mentally abused by both of my stepmothers and see feminism as an extension of that abuse. Hence I hate feminism with a passion yet I still love women especially those who aren’t tainted with the ideology of feminism.

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      1. I’m really sorry to hear about the abuse you suffered. Nobody should go through such pain. I have been emotionally abused by a guy I dated, to the point that he made me go into deep depression, not caring whether I was dead or alive, so I have deep hatred for Narcissists. I agree with you, it isn’t right for anyone to ask for equality and then misuse it.

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      2. Thank you Ellen! I’m sorry that you were abused too though I am glad that you were able to overcome it. The hidden blessing in abuse is if we let it the abuse we suffer will forge us into a better person.


      3. There was a time when I’d had enough and refused to adapt any longer and over the years I’ve had to limit my relationship with my mother. Acceptance has been gradual but I’m slowly moving on and learning how to be joyful in spite of the circumstances.

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  1. I understand, sometimes it is really tough to remain connected with toxic people, even if they are family. I am glad you are moving on and I wish you the best in your journey of healing and self-love! ❤❤

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