Who Really Is to Blame?

It starts to rain and the winds to blow
as mother nature does the twist
when she throws a great big ole hissy fit
knocks down a few homes and floods the town
yet it’s the Father above who gets all the blame
when the winds die down and the sun comes out to play

From time to time the goddess
known to one and all as good ole mother nature
goes upon a murderous rampage
resembles a woman having a premenstrual fit
seeks to thin the ranks of pesky mankind
through various natural disasters

Yet it is always the loving father of us all
who gets to shoulder all the blame
every single time mother nature acts like a child
cries tears of rage, stomps her feet during a thunderstorm
hurls lightening bolts clear across the horizon
throws a temper tantrum far above the floating clouds

For granted do we take the father above
who plants his seed in mother natures fertile womb
makes the flowers sprout, grow and bloom
yet even he feels compelled to hide his face of love
when mother nature blows her cool
stomps her feet in rage and acts the utter fool

11 thoughts on “Who Really Is to Blame?

  1. for a better understanding: When I say you, I do not talk to the author. i talk to everybody, inclusing myself. And for me there is no gender in nature and also not in god. We human make a gender difference, because of sexual organs and the society gives us the rules how to behave….the only nature difference is the pregnancy and the birth. But I think our soul does not now any gender….so it is our behaving that feeds ourself. give love and get love….and if you can´t you have to learn!


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