Well Preserved

​Yesterday when my wife and I turned in our prescriptions to be filled at Wally World one of the young ladies that helped us turned out to be named April. When I pointed out that she was special because that was the month I was born she informed me that she was also born on the same day of April I was – just in the early eighties.

About a week earlier at Wally World I became involved in a conversation with a nice African – American women in her seventies. When I mentioned  that my son was the manager of the toy department and in his thirties she said I didn’t look that old – she thought I was thirty years younger. Boy that made me feel good. When it was my turn to guess her age I went with a range of mid thirties thinking that she might be as old as forty since I’m not very good at guessing someone’s age. I was just as surprised to learn that she was in her seventies as she was l when I told her my age.

Earlier this year on my son’s day off as we went through one of the registers at Wally World. The cashier (an older lady with long gray hair) recognized my son then after greeting him asked if I was his brother when she was told I was his father she exclaimed, “But you don’t look that old.”

By the same token one of my daughter in laws coworkers (who hadn’t met my son) asked her if I was her husband when I picked her up after her shift one afternoon while my son was at work. Then exclaimed, “But you don’t look that old when informed that I was her father in law.

Many years ago just after our son was born my wife and I were at Sears when I joined her at the customer service desk to see about getting their credit card. The lady helping my wife informed us that she was about to ask my wife where her mother was had I not walked up when I did. In spite of our newborn son being with my wife in his stroller she thought my wife was thirteen years old when in reality she was actually twenty-one.

Talk about robbing the cardle…

Back when I was sixteen I was visiting with my mother some friends of hers from Elsalvador. I was wearing the three piece green suit my grandparents had given me. When one of the guys came up to me and asked if my mother was my wife imagine his surprise when I told him who she was. At the time my mother was thirty-five years old. 


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