Still a Merry Christmas

I’m still having a lot of pain from the soft tissue damaged when my rib popped out of place. This morning the pain is localized in the front underneath my right breast; instead of on my back underneath my right shoulder blade. I suppose that is progress of a sort…

This began three weeks ago when my rib popped out of place when I coughed while sitting in an awkward position on our living room sofa. At first I just felt a little bit of discomfort and was able to function without any problem.

About a week later on a Sunday I started to hurt again but by the time I went to work on Monday I was fine. The following Thursday my chiropractor put my rib back in place with his hands (per my request) instead of using an activator. He adjusted my rib from behind while I lay face down on the adjusting table; and it hurt so bad going back into place that I literally came up off the table.

The next morning when I reported for work i was fine just a little sore from the adjustment. I didn’t have any problems lifting during the first hour or while doing my job. But when I went to unfold my chair in the break room just before our safety meeting. The movement caused my rib to pop out again and did it ever hurt. Not only did I hear a crunch but it felt like someone had stabbed me with a knife.

The pain was so bad that I was unable to lift and had to leave work. Nine days later I’m still under chiropractic care and have an appointment to see my medical doctor the day after christmas. I’m still waiting for the paperwork to apply for leave under the FLMA. Thankfully I still have several weeks of sick time left that I had accumulated down through the years.

My wife looked up my condition on the internet and learned that it could take up to six weeks for my body to heal. I just want the pain to go away. It hurts to cough or sneeze – when I lay down and especially when I get back up and no matter how I lay in bed I just can’t get comfortable.

I really hate getting old!

Merry Christmas to all those on WordPress especially to those reading, liking and commenting here on my blog.

Stay Safe.

Dabir Dalton

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