Why Men Objectify Women

​1) women objectify themselves and invite others (especially men) to do so as well by how they dress…

2) women objectify men by the clothes they wear, the car they drive and their profession as well as by how much money he is willing to spend on them.

3) once I read a woman’s complaint about her date because he used a coupon to pay for their meal. She believed that she was worth the full price of the meal and was offended by his frugality.

4) once upon a time I challenged a woman who was complaining that men like younger women as opposed to older ones. By mentioning that women want men to pay for everything. She responded by asking didn’t women have a right to be taken care of. To which i wrote, if that’s the case don’t men have the right to buy as much woman as they can afford. Finely the light went off in her head and she wrote back, I see your point…

In economic terms younger women have three things to offer:

1) companionship

2) sex

3) womb

Depending on age older women have only one thing to offer:

1) companionship

Some men want all three, others just sex and companionship while the older a men gets he will settle for companionship.

However in all cases women demand life time payments especially if she chooses to divorce.

Just as women like to shop around for the best husband men have the absolute right to expect to receive what he is paying for from his wife.

Hence a woman’s true value is directly linked to both her sexuality and fertility as well as her personality.

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