Why So Few Good Men

John F. Kennedy once said, “Ask not what your country can do for you but what can you do for your country.

 Perhaps if today’s  women were to ask men what can I do for you instead of demanding men to do for them with out giving back good men would eventually return to the dating pool. Supply always follows demand and today’s women only have themselves to blame for the dwindling supply for so called good men.


A Woman’s Two Lists

Talk to a woman long enough and sure as the moon above she’ll start complaining about the lack of nice guys willing to ask her out. Unfortunately she is right every year there are less and less nice guys out there willing to ask a woman out on a date much less marry one. And these men are well off to boot as they have good dependable jobs, are emotionally stable and usually own their own home. But in the average woman’s eyes this nice guy is quite simply a loser.

The reason is really quite simple and it is called the law of supply and demand. And as long as women continue to date mostly bad guys who they claim turns them on instead of the nice guys whom they consider downright boring. There will continue to be less and less nice guys until at last just like the dinosaurs they’ll end up completely disappearing altogether.

In fact the majority of women have two lists: One that is called the friends list and which I personally refer to as the sucker list. While the other list is for the men they are willing to go out with on a date and actually sleep with. So we’ll call it the boyfriends list.

The friends list contains the names of all the guys women are polite too but will never ever date or god forbid even consider as a sexual partner. In fact the only time women will call these nice guys is when they need something that they know their boyfriends won’t do for them. And like the suckers they are these nice guys put on their shining armor and come a running like a white knight and rescue the so called damsel in distress. Only to watch the female in question ride off into the sunset with the black knight who couldn’t be bothered until the crisis has already past.

The nice guys are the guys who have been taught to do all the things that women claim to want. Like sending their girlfriends flowers, pulling out their chair for them in a restaurant as well opening doors for the women in their lives and putting their girlfriends first. But if this is what women really want in a guy then why don’t they date them and treat the nice guys in their life like the rare commodity he truly is instead of treating them like dirt and looking down their noses at them? 

Unfortunately the guys that the majority of women consider as boyfriend material are the exciting guys with a lot of flash but absolutely no substance what so ever. These are the kind of guys who love to smoke, cuss, get drunk, watch football and poke their cock’s in every available hole in town. Then women wonder just why it is that their boyfriends don’t respect em and treat them so badly and end up becoming bitter while blaming all men.

The solution really is quite simple which is for women to date and marry the nice guys instead of wasting their time and energy on a guy that is in every way bad for them. But of course that is the last thing that far too many of  today’s modern day woman is willing to do.

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