7 thoughts on “Intellectual Masochists

    1. Nope! The reality is that a feminist is a spoiled brat in desperate need of a spanking. That’s why they championed the domestic violence laws in order to silence and destroy the men who dare to disagree and challenge their lies and call a halt to their put of control intellectual rampage.


      1. Men and women were created to compliment each other. Modern day feminism seeks to destroy that balance by driving a wedge between men and women and elevating the feminine over the masculine. It is a rebellion that is destroying western society one intellectually dishonest claim at a time.


      2. That’s like saying “certain Muslims prefer to chop the heads of non-Muslims off, therefore, Muslims are destructive brats “in desperate need of a spanking”. Man-haters indeed exist, and they guise themselves as feminists. Feminism is so broad now that two feminists may not necessarily agree on the same thing. Why are some of these women bitter? Well, many of them were either victims of abuse in the past, grew up in places where abuse was suffered by a woman [usually their mothers], or they feel that at some point in their lives, their desires/chances for promotion and growth was illegitimately taken by a man because he was seen as more traditionally capable. These are just 3 reasons, out of many, why these women become bitter.

        Fortunately, the doors of feminism are always open to such women. Instead of constructively stating what they think is right and wrong, they begin to attack men by demeaning them, and doing their possible best to be seen as better, like you have said. Feminism, however, is more about societally, economically and politically improving the lives of women in other to push them to where the men are, in status. Does this sit well with many men? No. Do they think that women can handle leadership? No. Feminism makes the job of an egalitarian or humanist easy. It’s useless to claim to be in support of equality if you don’t want that equality to happen, and what’s the way to make it happen? Feminism, if it is done right.


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