Feminism’s True Goal

The claim to desire equality between men and women is the bait that feminists have always used in their bait and switch scam: the intellectual fraud that is the ideology of feminism. I know because I have watched how feminists operate for well over twenty years and have learned that their claims to want equality mean absolutely nothing. It is their actions – their demands for laws that limit, abridge and do away with both the civil and legal rights of the male gender in regards to their homes, family, marriage, divorce and children that place men at a clear disadvantage to women – that tell the tale and expose feminists for the gender bigots and gender supremacists they truly are.

In their quest for gender supremacy feminist’s – just like the Nazis did to the Jews in Germany – have sought to label all men as violent oppressors who enjoy raping women, who seek to take economic advantage of women by depriving them of their rights, all the while ignoring the crimes committed against men and children by women.

Just as the racial bigotry promoted by the German state and their intellectual class eventually led the German people to consent to allow their leaders to persecute the Jews which eventually led to the murder of six million Jews in concentration camps. The anti-male bigotry promoted by feminists has already led our own government – on the local, state and national level – to begin persecuting men by passing laws that place men at a clear disadvantage to women.

Face Book has already begun to censor – on behalf of the feminists – the free speech rights of men and MRA’s by taking down their posts that dare to disagree with the lies feminists promote.

It is only a matter of time before mainstream feminists begin promoting the outright murder – gendercide – of men who refuse to bow down upon their knees before them.

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