The Light Flickers Still

Deep inside my heart
there is a darkness
over shadowing my soul
prevents me from
seeing the light at the end
of the tunnel through
which the train I’m riding
travels at high speed
yet even though the light
upon the dark walls
my eyes can’t see dancing
within my mind I
know that it flickers still
that out of the
valley of the shadow of death
back again into the
sunlight the train I’m riding
will burst at last
as it carries me ever onward
towards my ultimate
destination -the sun set-
located far away
at the end of the line

5 thoughts on “The Light Flickers Still

    1. Thank you! I’ve fought depression since I was nine yrs old I’m now 58 and I could really relate to the experiences you write about on your blog. I also fell for someone who didn’t return my feelings and it took ten years of marriage to my wife to finely let her go. Just remember there is always a light at the end of the tunnel even though we can’t see it except for by faith.


      1. Thank you! The trick is to come out on the other side of hard times a better person then the one who went in – which of course is not the easy part. And all things considered I’m happier then I’ve ever been.


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