Three Good Reasons to Say No to Feminism

1) My dad died from an STD infection (hepatitis C) passed on to him through unprotected sex by one of my former stepmothers…

2) My younger half brother from my mother’s second marriage committed suicide a year or so after being forced to give up his parental rights to his adoptive son and biological daughter from his first marriage. When his daughter told him to his face that she would have no problem with telling a judge that he had hit her when in reality my brother had never touched her. 

The day he took the overdose that ended his life (while he and his second wife were separated) he received a phone call from one of his second wife’s coworkers informing him that his wife was having an affair with one of her male coworkers. 

The female who called my brother called the spouses of each of her coworkers that day and told them the same lie. That day was Thanksgiving. 

3) In March of 2016 my mother and I had to go to Tennessee to pick up my youngest brother of my original family from the nursing home where the VA had placed him. 

After supporting his wife through breast cancer she sold the house she inherited from her father out from under him. After he went to the VA to seek treatment for his breathing problems. He was put on oxygen and given an electric scooter to ride – his only means of transportation to and from work and his doctor’s office. 

The day she told my brother she had sold the house and that he had to find another place to live because he wasn’t welcome to go with her. My brother collapsed more than once from the stress, the following week his doctor placed him in the VA hospital under a suicide watch and a few months later the VA hospital transferred him to a nursing home that serves disabled veterans. 

My now ex sister in law sold their home for 132,000.00 then bought another home in better condition than the one she inherited and a car with several thousand left over. My brother now homeless and forced to move in with our 77 year old mother never saw a penny. 

This Is The Reality of the Equality Feminists Are Fighting For!

9 thoughts on “Three Good Reasons to Say No to Feminism

      1. As a matter of fact, I read it several times. My heart went out to you and your family, your father, your brothers. As a third person, I cannot really understand the way you all have gone through it, but I can say this much that it was painful to imagine. I am sorry you had to go through such experiences. But you have been brave and I am so happy to see you are writing about it. It helps. But yes, one thing. I am a woman and not all women are..well..(for want of a better word)..greedy.

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      2. I know it always amazes me to see the likes on my posts from women who like yourself are not self centered feminists. They help to keep me grounded in reality and give me hope for the future. Thank you for the hug of a supportive comment.


      3. You cannot ostracise an entire species because of a few rotten bunch, Dabir, can you? I’ll always be here to support you and offer you a hug and if possible, remove hatred from your mind. 🙂 Cheers to humanity.


      4. Thank you. But please understand I do not hate women as a group or as individuals and I love and adore the concept of femininity. I only hate feminism and it’s destructive effects on our society and my own family.


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