Why I’ll Never Marry Again

When I was twelve years old I promised myself that I would only marry once and if it didn’t work out that I would never marry again. I made that promise to myself as a result of seeing just how abusive my first stepmother was towards my father. She would eventually pass along an STD infection to my dad that would ultimately take his life twenty some odd years later. 

What happened to my dad is just the tip of the iceberg concerning today’s women leaving me absolutely no reason to change my mind or break my promise to myself. 

Make no mistake I love the concept of the feminine gender but I absolutely despise what today’s women have chosen to become under the tutelage of the feminists.

One thought on “Why I’ll Never Marry Again

  1. I really don’t know what must have happened to you before… But I think maybe you just haven’t met the right person… In the midst of all the bad relationship and divorce going on now, I still don’t think it’s enough to give up on love and marriage.


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