The Wrong Path

Unaware that she had taken the wrong path back to the houseboat Laverne walked with her head down in order to keep from being blinded by the all too bright sunlight. Until she found herself teetering on the edge of a patch of discolored earth blocking the trail down which she was meanandering.

Fortunately the raven hair goddess had not stepped onto it as she stood there pondering her options. Then decided to walk around the edge instead of turning back only to feel her foot slip on the loose earth when she was half way around to the other side. Flapping her arms Laverne struggled to regain her balance ss she stumbled downward and stepped onto the discolored ground.

Only to watch in utter horror as both of her feet disappeared beneath the unstable surface as she sank up to her thighs. Squealing in terror Laverne reached out and desperately lunged forward attempting to latch onto a nearby tree limb only to miss it by less than an inch; the sudden movement causing her to sink even deeper into the bottomless pit of quicksand destined to be her unmarked grave.

“No! Oh goddess please no!” She exclaimed as she watched the curves of her hips disappear then began to panic as the quaking earth crept up her waist pouring into the oval of her belly button. “Somebody please help me I’ve fallen into quicksand.” Laverne screamed as the bottoms of her bikini clad breasts settled down on top of the quaking surface.

Unable to extradite herself from the iron grip of the quicksand all she could do was watch helplessly as the quaking earth hungrily devoured her breasts and raced up her chest towards her chin. Taking just a few heartbeats for the quicksand to climb up her neck and throat, devour her chin and cheeks as it climbed relentlessly up the sides of her head.

For just a moment Laverne’s upturned face floated on the quaking surface then disappeared as she was sucked under. So that all that could be seen of her was her arms and hands as they too receded into the fertile womb of good ole mother earth her fingers desperately grasping for something to latch onto. As they disappeared even as the air bubbles squeezed out of her lungs burst upon the quivering surface then settled down to await its next meal.

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