# Me Too Part Two

Whenever I’m, out and about I tend to ignore women unless they pose a threat or are appealing enough to be used as a model for my poems and short stories. However there have been several occasions down thru the years where I have either been physically assaulted and/or harassed by females.

These occasions are as follows:

While standing in line to order in a Dairy Queen restaurant one of the females standing behind my wife and I offended my wife when she stated that I had a cute butt as I glanced behind me.

While switching from one line to another at the service desk of a now defunct Circuit City electronics department store; when a heavyset woman suddenly came charging at me yelling “No! No!” and used her body to push me out of her way, causing me to lose my balance and almost fall to the floor, in order to cut in front of my wife and I.

While browsing in a super Wal-mart a black female approached and deliberately walked into me raking her breasts across my chest.

While leaning into my car to remove the keys form the ignition from the passenger side in the parking lot of an Ingles grocery store. A female waiting to park in the parking spot next to my car became impatient and blew her horn at me to hurry up and get out of her way.

While working on a assembly line in an auto parts factory I had to endure overhearing two of my coworkers belittle their husbands and male children on an almost daily basis. {This by the way was the straw that finely broke the camels back and caused me to break my silence and begin discussing my own experiences.}

During an eye examine {that became necessary after an industrial accident in which a chemical  I worked with was squirted into my eyes to make certain there was no damage and that it was safe for me to continued wearing contacts} the female doctor conducting the exam positioned herself so that I had a clear view of her breasts inside the blouse she was wearing. At the time I was alone and already aware of how easily it is for men to be falsely accused of sexual harassment so I remained silent. Another female blogger on another site sometime later assured me that the female eye doctor knew exactly what she was doing when I discussed this experience with her. 

While my wife and I were walking down the main aisle  of the Ingles grocery store where we shop we were forced to scrunch up to each other. Because of a pair of girls in their late teens or early twenties coming from the opposite direction who refused to move over even though they had enough room to do so and saw us coming. I knew better than to allow the female closest to me to collide or brush up against me since doing so would have placed me at the risk of being falsely accused of sexual harassment or assault. 

Clearly my own experience has shown that street harassment isn’t just an issue of men making females uncomfortable but an issue that concerns men such as myself. Since one never knows if the female hassling him is one of those unstable feminine personalities infected with misandry, an unreasonable hated of men, and  prone to making false accusations. Who will not hesitate to initiate violence by proxy  against an innocent man out and about in public whom she has targeted for harassment for what ever reason. 

Then there is the time my mother told me she was spit upon by one of her female coworkers because she wouldn’t gossip about  her new boss with her female coworkers. My mother had been informed when she was hired that his former secretary had been fired because of her gossiping and that my mother’s job depended on her discretion.   

My own wife was harassed and belittled throughout the time she worked at a McDonald’s restaurant as a manager by both her female coworkers  and the females in management positions above her. 

One of my brothers was forced to take a sexual harassment class when he worked in the bakery of the Grand Ole Opry Hotel when he was falsely accused of sexual harassment. Then later was sexually harassed by one of his female coworkers when she picked up a ball of bread dough and squeezed it with her fingers while insinuating the piece of dough was his balls. 

My dad’s third wife falsely accused one of my brother’s of molesting her son and convinced my dad to force him into a mental health facility to be evaluated. He was cleared and released. 

She falsely accused my youngest brother of my original family of raping her daughter before he enlisted in the Navy. Then informed him in a phone call that she was going to press charges and have him drummed out of the Navy and jailed. Only to do nothing while my brother went into a deep depression during which he seriously considered committing suicide. 

Down through the years after I became aware of the changes in the law that placed the male gender at a clear disadvantage to their feminine counterparts. I began reading books on domestic violence, sexual harassment and other issues that affect the male gender. 

I learned:

That false accusations of rape run as high 60% as reported in Warren Farrell’s book The Myth of Male Power in which he discussed a study of rape accusations by the US Air Force that placed false rape accusations at 60%. While a former prosecutor who won convictions of male rapists  acting as a media consultant during the Kobe Bryant trial put the rate of false accusations at 45%. 

If that many females are willing to lie about being raped think of how many would be willing to lie about street harassment. 

In his novel Disclosure Michael  Crighton quoted a statistic that was accurate at the time when he published his novel by having one of his female characters tell another women: that 5% of management positions were held by women and that 5% of the sexual harassment complaints were filed by men against their female bosses. Making it pretty clear that females are just as predatory and willing to sexually harass their male underlings at the same rate that men sexually harass females.  

Jenny Craig was sued by several men who worked for her company who complained about the culture of female on male sexual harassment. 

Over the course of my employment with two companies my coworkers and I were required to attend a sexual harassment class; and the representative for my second employer made it crystal clear that all it would take to get one of us guys fired was a simple look and a false accusation. 

After that I’d had enough and lost all respect for the feminine gender as a group and began avoiding the females at work. I have since then banned children from my home and it is always in the back of my mind whenever I have dealings with females in public. That the risk is to high to ignore the possibility that the female in question is a potential sexual terrorist and/or a financial rapist looking for her next unwitting and unsuspecting victim. Nor do I hesitate to label any male who belittles my experiences and those of other men as a collaborator and a trader to his own gender. 

Perhaps if feminists eternally stuck in the whinny mode of a small child and spoiled brat and their lackeys such as Man Boobz and Gentleman Badass.   Reported on issues facing men and women in our modern day era from a gender neutral viewpoint and held each gender accountable for their choices and actions. Instead of indulging in misandry – hatred of men – and pandering to misguided, misinformed and prone to hysteria females they  wouldn’t rise the ire of those men who know better.

3 thoughts on “# Me Too Part Two

  1. Your dad’s third wife sounds like a whore. 😦

    You were boob raped at Walmart! I’m thinking of starting a support group for this. Any input? 😉

    Seriously, though, it sucks that you have been subjected to this crap. No one EVER thinks about how freakin’ gross it is for men to be harassed, too.

    Thanks for posting this because it made me take a closer look at my guy friends and what they have to tolerate.


    1. Your welcome. After his third wife left my dad she would not let go of his bank account nor take her hand out of his wallet. Then she started showing up with a former boyfriend from highschool claiming that it was a platonic (spelling ?) relationship. Twice she claimed she had adopted two children but they belonged to her boyfriend. Later as my dad was dying from hep c given to him by his second ex wife (she came back after #3 divorced him and talked him into taking her back) she got mad at her boyfriend, took off in a rage in her minivan and rolled it ending up paralyzed for life.

      That’s just my dad my mom has had nine partners and 11 relationships – two she married twice. Has your head stopped spinning yet? I’ve been living with this since I was nine years old – i’m 58 now. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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