It’s A Woman Thing 

Riding down the expressway a few years ago
returning home from a family reunion
a large billboard sign I chanced to see
that set my mind to thinking

It was the picture of a young and delightful woman
with sparkling eyes and a lovely smile upon her lips
while between her fingers a cigarette she was holding
while the sign boldly declared, “Tis a woman thing you know.”

How odd that a disgusting, nasty and slavish addiction
is now a symbol for woman’s independence
oh for the joys of womanhood that now includes
being addicted to a new master the drug called nicotine

Yes indeed it tis a woman thing
to fill the air with choking clouds of smoke
that others including innocent children
are forced to breath by another’s selfish choice

To intentionally fill her body with a known poison
while her unborn child develops within her womb
perhaps causing her son or daughter untold harm
that could never be cured lasting a lifetime

Causing her own valuable life to be cut short
by the ravages of lung cancer or other illness
as if women don’t have enough problems already
they add to the burden the risk of an early heart attack

Now adding insult to injury
the companies selling this insidious legal drug
have the outright gall to declare in their advertising
“It’s a woman thing you know.”

Now I have to wonder indeed where are the women
with enough courage to take on the fight
against those who truly want to exploit them
no doubt their attention is focused elsewhere

So instead of railing against their ex husbands
women should take on the industries
who only want to take their hard earned money
with death the medium of their exchange

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