Losers in the Genetic Lottery

While I have never been in the habit of making derogatory comments about the looks of the feminist to whose comments I’m taking the time to respond too as I unmask her bigotry and shoot her down. However over the years I couldn’t help but notice just how physically ugly and sexually unattractive the vast majority of feminists appear to be all of whom seem absolutely unwilling to do anything to make themselves look better to the rest of the world.

Over the years I’ve also noticed how some women who weren’t born as genetic celebrities yet seem to have a radiant glow about themselves that attract others to them because on the inside they have cultivated the inner beauty of a sweet and kind spirit. While on the other hand I’ve seen genetic celebrities who were at one time drop dead gorgeous in time become as ugly as old wrinkled dead leaves strewn about on the ground during the fall and winter seasons. Because they relied on their outer beauty to get what they wanted and failed to cultivate the inner beauty of a kind and sweet disposition; so that when their physical beauty faded as they aged all they had left was the inner ugliness they’d intentionally cultivated which in the end came out for all to see and despise.

Back when Debra Lafave was accused of breaking her probation the two female prosecutors who were the most ardent in their verbal attacks on Ms. Lafave; both of whom insisted that the judge overseeing Debra’s case should sentence her to a jail sentence on the CNN show that I watched. Were (just like many of the well known leaders within the women’s movement) two of the most ugly and sexually unattractive women that I have ever had the displeasure of watching and listening too on television. Indeed I would have been extremely surprised if either of these losers were involved in an intimate relationship much less had been out on a date in years.

It seems to me that those physically ugly and sexually unattractive females who became the leaders within the women’s rights movement did so out of jealousy of the genetic celebrities who unlike them never lacked for a date and were generally treated much better in life simply because of the natural womanly beauty they were blessed with in the womb. So that the only way these radical feminists could strike back and hurt their feminine competitors and the males who rejected them because of their lack of womanly beauty. Was to formulate an ideology of hatred towards the male gender and make the average female think that she was the hapless and innocent victim of the evil men in her life.

In this manner the feminists would extract their revenge on both their feminine competitors and their male counterparts by convincing them to destroy their own marriages and the men in their lives within the family court system. They have also sought through the legal system and have succeeded in making engaging within an intimate relationship with a female so risky that any man who dares to date, marry or so much as interact with a female whether in public or private has to be considered at best a naive masochist or at worst insane.

At some point in their lives many of those females who are rejected because they are ugly and sexually unattractive eventually become so angry that they decided that they will never marry. They then chose to spend the rest of their lives trying to convince themselves and others that nothing is wrong with them and that their situation is someone else’s fault by falsely claiming that marriage to a man is a form of slavery that they will never entertain the thought of committing too.

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