A Very Bad Dream

As Becky jogged through the

Enchanted forest

The curves of her hips – twin 

Ovals of her caboose

Swayed seductively back and 

forth the rack of her

Bouncing bubbles jiggled like

Twin bowels of jell-o  

Wiggled within her sports bra

All was well until the 

Curvaceous lass was spotted by

A pair of mischievous 

Fairies who began to buzz like

Hungry mosquitos or

A pair of rather annoying flies

Around her lovely face

No matter how hard she tried 

Becky could not bat them 

Away make em leave her alone

So distracting were they 

As they dive bombed her again

And again unknowingly

Her steps diverged from the path

Upon which her feet ran

As the pair of fairies herded her 

Deeper into the forest

Till she ran headlong into a giant

Spider web caught up

In the silken strands she fought 

To escape to become 

All the more entangled held fast

Her screams of terror

Went unheard as the giant spider

Wrapped Becky from

Head to toe within a silken cocoon

Leaving only the curves

Of her silken lips fully exposed

From which he’d drink

Her sweet soul as she dreamed

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