Where Have All of the Good Men Gone!

As the great WITCH HUNT of 2017 regarding sexual harassment continues consider the following:

Hardly a week goes by without a female teacher being accused, arrested and jailed for sleeping with one of her underage male students. As the stories continue week after week there is no sense of public outrage as is being generated by the media about those being accused in tinsel town and in the political realm.  Strange since a female teacher taking sexual advantage of one of her (or perhaps more) underage male students in reality actually hits closer to home. 

The vast majority of women leave their homes and enter their workplaces on a daily basis wearing clothing that is intentionally designed to lift, enhance and expose increasingly amounts of their breasts; as well as to garner second looks by visually seducing men in order to boost the fragile egos of the increasingly shameless females who wear them. Men are forbidden to look and comment and are put at risk of being (many times falsely) accused of sexual harassment and dismissed from their jobs as they interact with these sexual harridens. 

Yet our society has yet to realize that women exposing their breasts in public is indeed one of the worst types of hidden in plain sight sexual harassment we have yet to collectively grapple with. 

Just this past Thanksgiving my wife informed me (I stayed home) that her seventy something aunt and thirty something sister in law both wore leggings as pants. Leggings are not pants they are actually underwear designed to be worn underneath pants and skirts during cold weather to keep the wearers legs warm. Our society has no problem with condemning African-American males who wear their pants so low that their underwear can be seen. Yet says absolutely nothing about the indecent and morally reprehensible clothing choices of their daughters who dress like hookers heading to main street to sell their bodies.  

Even though women judge the financial prospects of their male suitors by the style and brand of clothes they wear (the more expensive the better and more likely she is to agree to date him). They seem to have forgotten that their own characters and morality are displayed by the clothes they wear. So it seems that the more and louder women rant about not being objectified as sex objects the less clothes that shields the intimate parts of their bodies they wear. Sending in reality a crystal clear message that no does indeed mean yes. 

Lastly where do good and decent men go when they finely realize the risks of asking women out on dates and other social interactions! The answer is quite simple as many men with good jobs who own their own homes are now doing: they stop interacting with women and find something else better to do in their free time.

Leaving women asking: Where have all the good men gone?

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