Oh Spare Me!

Oh Spare Me! Thou daughter 

Of Satan whore

Of Babylon of thy trailer park 

Crack delusions

One hundred years from now 

Historians will 

Write how it was the females

Of this generation 

Deceived by the sophistries of

Feminism who 

Brought about the downfall of

The West who 

Wantonly murdered their own 

Children destroyed

Their marriages refused to bare 

Babies deliberately 

Betrayed their father’s – brothers

Beloved husbands 

How westren men alienated by

The average female’s

Bad behavior coverted to Islam

Willingly chose to 

Become sons of the prophet all

For the promise of a

Harem of seven willing virgins

Willingly exchanged 

Their rights and privileges gave

Up their freedoms 

For another form of oppression 

Far better to be a 

Live Boy toy in a harem than a 

dead feminist who

Has been drawn – quartered and 

Beheaded whose 

Stinking panocha lies forgotten 

In an unmarked 

Grave feminisms deserved fate

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