The Philosophy of Theft.

What part of “Thou Shalt not steal!” do conservatives not understand. No matter what one calls it when an employer exploits their employees by failing to pay them a living wage – it is still THEFT!

And by aiding and abetting corporations who refuse to pay decent wages for honest work Conservatives are just as guilty of theft as the corporate robber barons of our era.

Indeed conservatism is simply a philosophy of Theft.

bubbles of love

Words of love
Bubble forth from the fountain of
A loving heart

The Lonely Author

I would like to dedicate this to my muse, if I had one, but I don’t.  So, I won’t.   (Wink Wink)

bubbles of love

Soaking in an effervescent tub
of your warm poetry
tiny inspirations
burst all around me
Sparkling suds of passion
cleanse my soul
of the unsightly stains
of dirty lovers
and tainted memories
For you are the nymphet
of my passions
a sensual siren of sonnets
The warm bath
that never goes cold
Now I find myself
submerged in your verses
blissfully drowning
in the fountain
of your never ending
bubbles of love

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